Location Sound Mixing (HOD)

Client: GOMA

Production Company: CLEMBBDO

DP: Jake Koning

AC: Brett Tracey

Role: Location Mixer & Data

Client: AEC

Production Company: Carbon Creative

Director / DP: Paul Giggle (Paul Giggle Photography)

Role: Location Mixer


Client: NEDS

Production Company: 3P

Director: Paul Giggle

Role: Location Mixer


Client: National Product Review

Production Company: Kram & Co

Director: Mark Lias

DOP: Paul Giggle

Role: Location Mixer



Production company: Publicis (Prodigious)

Agency: Chimera Project

DOP’s: Sam Chatterjee & Jake Koning

Role: Location Mixer (VO’s) & DIT


Client: Gates Foundation

Production Company: Curator Pictures (Prod-Facilitation – Traffic Films)

Role: Location Mixer & AC





Client: TBS

Production Company: Victor House Films (Production Facilitation – Taxi Films)

Role: Location Mixer





Client: QUT

Production Company / Director: Grant Marshal

Role: Location Mixer and AC



Client: Nutri-Grain


Agency: JWT

Production Company: FINCH

Client: Department of Environmental Planning

Production Company: Me Me Me Productions

Producer: Brett Stephens

Client: IGA

Agency / Production Company: The Monkeys

Producer: Bec Dakin



Client: YOU-I

Production: (in House)

Role: Location Mixer


Client: VOLVO

Role: Location Mixer & AC



Client: Carinity

Production Company: Blacklab